Course Requirements upon Acceptance for New School Students

1. Each IFP site will have a prerequisite academic course which will provide the theoretical background to understand the issues students will be exploring on site. To go on the summer IFP, you must pass this prerequisite course at or above the grade determined by the Faculty Country Chair. (For example, if the passing standard is an A- and you receive a B+, you cannot go on the summer IFP.) This course will include an academic paper about your IFP site.

2. Full attendance and participation is required in the Spring IFP Seminar. These seminars will include country context, tailored to prepare students for site work.

3. Research Methods is a requirement only for SGPIA students. Students from other programs and universities need to consult with their IFP Faculty Country Chair.

4. Accepted students must attend all IFP-wide events and meetings.

5. Full attendance and participation in non-credit language class when appropriate.

Summer Requirements

  • On-site program activities and projects
  • Summer fieldwork
  • Final paper
  • IFP Evaluation
  • IFP Conference presentation preparation

Fall Requirements

  • Everyone is required to present either as a team or individually at the annual IFP Conference held in the Fall.

Other Requirements

Language Proficiency

  • The Colombia and Cuba programs require intermediate/high Spanish proficiency. Students applying for these programs are encouraged to attend a fall Spanish course. Full attendance is required in the spring (and will be checked). Students applying to these programs who feel their knowledge of Spanish is sufficient and wish to opt-out of the fall/spring language course must get approval from their Faculty Country Chair. To participate in Colombia or Cuba, students must pass a proficiency exam in late Spring with their Faculty Country Chair.
  • Faculty Country Chairs for Colombia and Cuba will be conducting proficiency tests by holding individual conversations with applicants.
  • Students participating in the Brazil IFP are required to attend a spring Portuguese language course. Full attendance is required (and will be checked).
  • The Balkans, India, and South Africa programs do not have a language requirement.

Mandatory Paperwork

  • All Waivers, Release, and Emergency Contact forms must be signed and returned to the IFP office immediately after acceptance.

Health & Renter’s Insurance

  • Each student is responsible for having international coverage for health insurance for participation on the IFP.
  • Renters insurance is not required, but it is highly recommended.
  • If you are a New School student, visit Student Health Services and read about Health Information in order to get your vaccinations and prepare for the trip in time.
  • Students from outside the New School may purchase travel health insurance independently or possibly through their home institution.
  • Please see our Travel Insurance and Renter’s Insurance page for more information.